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Taking Action Against Attorneys Who Make Transactional Errors

In complex divorces, estate planning and business transactions, the help of an attorney is not only recommended, but also vital. Legal counsel plays an important role in ensuring that the “t’s are crossed” and the “i’s are dotted.” Attention to detail is paramount. Timely and sound advice is necessary when it comes to recognizing any risks, options and contingencies.

Mis-drafting or failing to include a particular term or provision in a will, contract, deed, settlement or another document can result in catastrophic consequences. The smallest error in documentation and drafting may waive a client’s rights or require expensive additional legal work to correct the mistake.

A Commitment To Clients And The Legal Profession

Few attorneys do what the attorneys at Ney Rhein, LLC have done for more than a decade. Simply stated, we sue lawyers who have committed legal malpractice or engaged in fraud, dishonesty or professional negligence.

By focusing our practice on this challenging and complex area of law, we have gained the skill, experience, legal knowledge and insight that our clients need in order to maximize their recovery against their former attorney. Georgia residents and peer attorneys know of our commitment to protecting our clients’ rights and providing a necessary service to the legal profession.

Experienced Lawyers By Your Side In Legal Malpractice Cases

Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss a possible transactional error committed by an attorney. Call our Atlanta-area law firm at 404-963-9519 or toll-free at 888-341-0080. You can also reach us online. All consultations are confidential.