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A Conflict Of Interest Is A Violation Of Your Trust

Retaining an attorney creates a bond of trust by which you believe that your legal counsel is protecting your rights and looking out for your best interests. You purchased more than legal services. You paid for dedication and unwavering loyalty.

An Attorney’s Conflict Of Interest Can Result In Injuries For You

Conflict of interest cases often arise from:

  • Dual representation, particularly in divorces, business transactions, real estate matters, and will and estate issues
  • Successive clients, including the representation of a client’s former adversary
  • Prioritizing one client to the detriment of others

Discovering a conflict of interest breaks a bond of trust. You may see your options as limited. You may not even want to retain another attorney to help you. However, you need to protect your rights. For more than a decade, we have zealously pursued claims of legal malpractice involving conflicts of interest. From the start, our objective has been to hold lawyers accountable and help our own industry by identifying unethical acts.

What Constitutes A Conflict Of Interest?

Conflicts of interest represent a severe ethical violation that occurs when attorneys put one client’s interest before that of another client. An attorney’s loyalties should be singular, not divided. Any conflict must be disclosed immediately, even if it is only a potential or perceived conflict. In the case of an actual conflict, the attorney often must discontinue the representation.

Divorce, business transactions, dissolution of partnerships, real estate matters, and will and estate cases are legal matters that require your attorney to be focused specifically on your needs and objectives. Divided loyalties are more than a disservice.

When a conflict of interest undermines your interests, you have options. Please speak to our Georgia attorneys to discuss your matter in detail. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of legal malpractice cases, we can provide for you the best possible representation.

Experienced Lawyers Evening The Odds That You Face

If you have been victimized by attorneys who fail to disclose a conflict of interest, schedule a free initial consultation by calling our Atlanta-area firm at 404-963-9519 or toll-free at 888-341-0080. You can also contact us online.