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Locating Remedies For When Attorneys Abandon Your Case

An attorney abandoning a case or closing his practice in the middle of a legal matter is an area of malpractice that often leads victims to believe that they can never trust an attorney again. At Ney Rhein, LLC, we understand the challenges that victims of these unethical acts face. They need legal help from a lawyer to hold another lawyer accountable. Our job is to earn their trust through hard work, dedication and diligence.

Holding Attorneys Accountable For Abandoning Their Clients

The bond of trust between a client and an attorney starts with the payment of a retainer for legal services. However, unethical lawyers may take a client’s money without performing the legal services they promised. Some abandon their entire practice due to substance abuse issues or mental health problems.

Our job is to get the answers our clients need and hold attorneys accountable. Signs of abandonment may start with:

  • An attorney not returning clients’ telephone calls. Staff members often cover for the attorney to keep their jobs.
  • Statutes of limitations are ignored.
  • Deadlines and court appearances may be missed.

Any of these items may result in dismissal of cases, resulting in cost, loss of time, and emotional stress for clients.

Ney Rhein, LLC is a Georgia law firm focused upon the representation of plaintiffs in legal malpractice cases. We do not dabble in this complex area of law. Simply stated, the primary focus of our practice is to sue other attorneys who have engaged in negligence or intentional misconduct. What we do benefits our clients and the legal industry as a whole.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Legal Malpractice Lawyers

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