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Providing A Wide Variety Of Legal Malpractice Representation

The Georgia lawyers at Ney Rhein, LLC focus their practice on legal malpractice and attorney negligence cases. While there are an infinite variety of circumstances that may give rise to a legal malpractice claim, some of the most common areas in which we encounter attorney negligence include the following:

  • Missed statute of limitations — Whether attorneys lack the knowledge regarding a statute of limitations, simply ignore it, or fail to meet the deadlines due to substance abuse, incompetence or the difficulties of maintaining a busy law practice, the outcome is still the same. Client’s cases are permanently barred, and life changes for clients who put their trust in their attorneys.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty — Attorneys who are entrusted with a client’s money and business dealings must adhere to the highest standards of ethics. That includes properly accounting for settlement funds, instances where the attorney was holding funds in escrow and doing the work necessary to earn a retainer that was paid upfront. Clients have the right to expect that their attorney will protect their funds and financial interests. When an attorney falls short of those standards, legal counsel from an attorney who understands these issues is critical.
  • Conflict of interest — Attorneys managing multiple clients or cases sometimes prioritize legal matters that are more important to one client at the expense of another. Other times, lawyers engage in negligence by representing both sides in a divorce or business transaction, or by providing counsel to a former adversary.
  • Transactional errors — In transactional matters, attorneys must attend to every detail. Contracts, wills and divorce settlements written incorrectly, or with important terminology or provisions left out can have devastating consequences for clients.
  • Incompetence — Incompetence can take many forms, and often involves attorneys practicing outside their typical practice areas, missing statutes of limitations, taking on too many cases or operating their firm without adequate staff. Regardless, when clients are injured by the incompetence of their attorneys a careful investigation into possible legal malpractice claims is warranted.
  • Abandonment — Some attorneys go beyond “dropping the ball.” They actually abandon their clients’ matters after accepting fees from their clients.

In addition to legal malpractice claims, we represent clients before state bar proceedings, pursue appeals as an alternative or precursor to malpractice cases, and file claims of fraud and forgery against attorneys trying to cover up their professional misconduct.

Experienced Legal Malpractice Litigators

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