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About Ney Rhein

At Ney Rhein, LLC, legal malpractice is not just a part of a larger practice. It is our primary focus. Our Georgia attorneys make their living in this specialized and complex area of the law. This emphasis, coupled with our experience, translates into in-depth knowledge of the specific issues that arise in attorney negligence claims and any changes in the law. We stay informed so our clients can make equally informed decisions regarding the options they have.

We navigate our clients through the entire process, staying in contact with them and remaining by their side until we find resolution to their cases.

A Team-Oriented Approach To Professional Malpractice Cases

For more than a decade, we have taken a team-oriented approach to our legal malpractice cases, employing our legal and technical resources to even the odds our clients face. Simply stated, we have successfully matched the resources of the opposing attorneys that insurance companies retain.

Pursuing legal action against fellow lawyers is intended to be a service to our profession. In fact, peers who discover malpractice refer clients to us, knowing our commitment to client care, and our diligence and dedication when attorneys put their interests before their clients.

Put Your Trust In Our Legal Malpractice Lawyers

We provide individualized legal services, and work with our clients to ensure the availability of flexible fee arrangements, including hourly, contingent, flat and blended fees. For a free initial consultation at our Atlanta-area firm, contact us online. You can also call us at 404-963-9519 or toll-free at 888-341-0080. All consultations are confidential.