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Capable Representation In The Appeal Of Legal Malpractice Cases

At Ney Rhein, LLC, we focus our practice solely on legal malpractice matters, meaning that we pursue lawsuits against fellow lawyers who engage in unethical practices. For Georgia residents victimized by conflicts of interest or abandonment, we provide personalized representation, identifying their specific needs and tailoring strategies to find resolution.

The Sorts Of Cases We Will Appeal

Specific cases in which an attorney’s negligence may best be resolved through the appeals process or other post-judgment procedures include:

  • Estate matters
  • Real estate transactions and litigation
  • Divorce cases
  • Personal injury claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Wrongful death claims

Appeals As An Option To Pursuing Legal Malpractice Claims

Appealing a case that has resulted in an unfavorable ruling or a fee award against a client as a result of attorney misconduct is sometimes an option. As part of our representation of clients who have been damaged by the negligence of their attorneys, we often explore whether there might be a solution by way of appeal or other post-judgment procedures.

Trying to remedy the damage done by a negligent attorney through the appellate process or other post-judgment procedures as opposed to pursuing a legal malpractice claim is not about letting an unethical lawyer get away with damaging your case. It may simply be a better option. Indeed, many times it is necessary to file appeals or otherwise exhaust a client’s other potential remedies before a claim for legal malpractice can be brought.

Our attorneys understand the appeals process, and how to best use it to hold the negligent attorneys accountable for their malpractice and negligence. We will discuss your case with you. As part of our consultation, we will outline a strategy for success through any post-judgment matter.

Taking The Necessary Steps To Help You Recover Damages

Call Ney Rhein, LLC to schedule a free initial consultation at our Atlanta-area law office: 404-963-9519 or toll-free at 888-341-0080. You can also reach us online. All consultations remain confidential.