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Fixing The Mistakes Of Incompetent Lawyers

Competence is the minimum you should expect from your attorney. After searching for and speaking to lawyers, you select someone whom you believe to be trusted legal counsel with the knowledge, skill and experience to handle your case. However, what you don’t know about your attorney can be equally important.

At Ney Rhein, LLC, we understand that Georgia clients come to us with their trust in the legal system shattered. For more than a decade, we have fought to restore not only their trust in the legal process, but also the dignity of the legal profession.

A Service To Our Clients And Our Profession

Cases are dismissed on technicalities on a daily basis. Many of those dismissals are the result of a lawyer failing to comply with legal requirements. Clients often don’t discover their attorneys’ incompetence until it is too late. The damage is already done.

Specific examples of incompetence include:

  • Practicing outside of a lawyer’s common practice area
  • Missing deadlines
  • Failing to show up in court
  • Failing to undertake necessary discoveries, including depositions, interviewing witnesses, and obtaining facts and documents

Often, these issues arise when a lawyer does not have the resources or staffing necessary to manage a law practice. Legal malpractice cases are our primary focus at Ney Rhein, LLC. Our attorneys possess experience, skill, knowledge and insight regarding the issues that arise in professional negligence and legal malpractice cases. We remain by the side of our clients, navigating them through a complex and challenging process, and staying in close contact.

Experienced Lawyers Holding Peer Attorneys Accountable For Malpractice

If you have been victimized by the incompetence of an attorney, schedule a free initial consultation with our Atlanta-area firm online, or by calling 404-963-9519, or toll-free at 888-341-0080. All consultations remain entirely confidential.