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Legal malpractice is a black eye to every lawyer, not just the attorneys who fall short of or deliberately violate professional conduct standards. At The Ney Firm, we help not only Georgia clients, but also the legal industry as a whole. Our firm focuses solely on legal malpractice. Simply put, we sue lawyers and provide a necessary service to our peers.

Holding Attorneys Accountable For Acts Of Fraud And Forgery

In addition to cases in which an attorney has committed malpractice as a result of professional negligence, The Ney Firm has handled numerous cases involving intentional misconduct by attorneys. These cases include actions in which attorneys have forged documents and signatures, defrauded clients, stolen client funds and lied to clients regarding the status of the their case. These are among the most complex cases to handle and often involve claims for punitive damages. Making a misrepresentation to a client that an attorney knows is false is a clear breach of an attorneys' duty to a client. Failing to disclose or concealing information from a client shatters any bond of trust in the attorney-client relationship. Covering up acts of dishonesty may serve as an additional act of legal malpractice.

Acts of fraud and forgery often compound the initial attorney malpractice, and may cause substantial additional damages to the client.

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